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Breaking News Senate Bill # 178 will be heard by the Joint Committee Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure on Tuesday, July 10, 2007 at 10:00 am at the Massachusetts State House in Hearing Room A-1.

Senate Bill 178 and House Bill 3209 introduced by a Monopolist Cartel called the MIDC, threaten to impose anti-competitive licensing requirements and a restrictive Practice Act on all Interior Designers in Massachusetts. If passed, this legislation will be disastrous for practicing interior designers, interior design firms, interior design students, suppliers and trades people.

Historically, the Interior Design Profession has accommodated a wide diversity of practitioners with different backgrounds, credentials, and qualifications. SB 178 and HB 3209 would change all of that overnight, transforming the Massachusetts interior design community into a rigid, one-size-fits-all environment that would benefit neither the profession nor the public.

While many working Massachusetts interior designers would be devastated by the proposed legislation, they are certainly not the only ones would be hurt. Consider the many ways in which SB 178 and HB 3209 will impact the interior design community and the public:

Interior designers who do not meet the strict requirements of a four-year degree in interior design plus NCIDQ certification will no longer be able to practice interior design in Massachusetts.

Young designers beginning in the profession who do not meet NCIDQ requirements will be forced to go back to school and work as low paid interns under NCIDQ designers.

Design Students who do have a 4 year interior design degree will suffer from a massive reduction in the pool of potential employers and may never be able to take the NCIDQ if they can’t find a NCIDQ certified internship.

Suppliers will face a diminished roster of clients for their products and services.

Showrooms at the Boston Design Center will face a decrease in business causing them to either go out of business or cut back on the number of lines they represent.

Interior Design partnerships and corporations could be forced to add licensed interior designer partners and staff to their firms.

Out of state designers will be subject to the new Massachusetts statutes, and will be barred from practicing in the state if they are not licensed.

Kitchen Design Showrooms, Furniture Stores, Design-Build Contractors and General Contractors could be forced to add licensed interior designer partners and staff to their firms if they wish to market interior design services.

Interior Designers who do manage to get licensed will be subject to audit and regulation from a new Interior Design Board which will have the power to levy fines.


Take Action to Oppose this Unwarranted and Discriminatory Legislation!

Here are some steps you can follow to help ensure the defeat of Senate Bill 178.

1. Testify at the July 10 Hearing

The hearing is scheduled for:
Tuesday, July 10, 10:00 am Hearing Room A-1 in the Massachusetts State House

The Joint Committee of Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure will hear testimony relating to the Interior Design Practice Act (Senate Bill 178).


2. Call Committee Members of the Joint Committee on Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure to voice your opposition:

State Senator Michael W. Morrisey send an email 617.722.1494
  State Senator Mark C. Montigny send an email 617.722.1440
  State Senator Brian A. Joyce send an email 617.722.1643
  State Senator Benjamin B. Downing send an email 617.722.1625
  State Senator Scott P. Brown send an email 617.722.1555
  State Representative Michael J. Rodrigues send an email 617.722.2030
  State Representative Kay Khan send an email 617.722.2140
  State Representative Louis L. Kafka send an email 617.722.2305
  State Representative William M. Straus send an email 617.722.2320
  State Representative Charles A. Murphy send an email 617.722.2396
  State Representative Michael F. Kane send an email 617.722.2263
  State Representative Joyce A. Spiliotis send an email 617.722.2011
  State Representative Brian P. Wallace send an email 617.722.2013
  State Representative Thomas J. Calter send an email 617.722.2305
State Representative Donald F. Humanson Jr. send an email 617-722-2803
State Representative Richard J. Ross send an email 617-722-2305

Here Are Some Talking Points on SB 178:

  • Massachusetts Senate Bill No. 178 is an effort by a Special Interest Group to Create a Monopoly on the Practice of Interior Design. It would prevent a majority of legitimate Interior Designers from practicing their trade.
  • All Interior Designers will be required to get a state license to practice interior design as defined by the statute.
  • Research has shown that there is no threat to public health, safety or welfare requiring government regulation of the interior design industry.
  • To acquire a state license, Interior Designers must become eligible to take, and pass the NCIDQ exam. A college degree in interior design is mandatory to become eligible to take the NCIDQ exam.
  • Un-licensed interior designers will be subject to heavy fines if they market themselves as an interior designer on their website, business card and all forms of advertising.


3. Contact the Bill Sponsors and ask them to withdraw their sponsorship.

Sponsor of SB 178:
Senator Cynthia Creem
send an email 617.722.1639
  Sponsor of HB 3209:
Representative Louis L. Kafka
send an email 617.722.2305
  Co-Sponsor: Represenative Bradford Hill send an email 617. 722.2489
  Co-Sponsor: Representative Frank M. Hynes send an email 617-722-2552
  Co-Sponsor: Representative Kay Khan send an email 617.722.2140
  Co-Sponsor: Representative Mary Grant send an email 617.722.2014
  Co-Sponsor: Representative Elizabeth Poirier send an email 508.695.3296
  Co-Sponsor: Senator James Timilty send an email 617.722.1222


4. Write & Phone Your Legislators and Local Representatives

Write your legislators and encourage them to oppose Senate Bill 178/House Bill 3209.

Find your Legislators & Representatives here.

Sample Letter to Legislators word document or html

If writing by e-mail, be sure to include your address, because legislators usually respond by post.


5. Contact The MIDC

Contact the Board Members of MIDC and tell them that you are opposed to their monopolistic efforts to restrict the practice of Interior Design in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts:

Rose Botti-Salitsky send an email
Dianne Dunnell send an email
Deborah Plume send an email
S. Cris Cavataio send an email
Christina Oliver send an email
Diane Hanley send an email
Colleen Anderson send an email


6. Register With The Interior Design Freedom Coalition

Register on our site to voice your opinion


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